Kind of research projects Double scientific studies in Berlin.

From learners perspective offers a dual education in Berlin significant strengths: you may be studying on such basis as a instruction agreement and should consequently not afford to pay for perhaps the college tuition expenses.

Your education business pays off the tuition service fees and makes sense you over and above help me write my paper just a coaching allowance. The requirements are great: a portable way of thinking step alterations just about every 90 days which has a firm area of the committed to the application of the thought of information into the operating processes. They find out company practice inside your teaching corporation who take part in interesting undertakings and obtain a high-amount degree. Because companies invest a lot in you, you have good usually upon completion of your studies chances of a takeover. Businesses hence increase its junior executives and get the opportunity investigation scholar allowed to combine * inside to the firm. Discover more about the dual research projects in Berlin.

The dual research within the bbw School.

The bbw college could be the University of the Sciences in Berlin and Brandenburg. By including to the system of economic organizations (UVB) on one side as well as the potent system of international and national relationships in business, politics and science on the other hand, the bbw University makes certain near assistance involving knowing destinations corporation and college.

The give functional lessons studies the bbw School among its most important projects. An especially demanding collaboration with enterprises is achievable during the twin education form. Corporation is liable for a considerable area of the functional training which takes spot in shut appointment while using university to meet the curricular needs. The majority of the bachelor plans supplied in the bbw Institution can be provided inside the dual form, furnished it may be discovered enough for many people partners. Do you have interest? Then make contact with the school, we are going to help you.

The training courses of investigation electrical design – control and safety systems, and electrical – grip power supply and expense call line is presented especially in the dual amount form. In particular Deutsche Bahn because of the great need of the companies, he is an example that a special program was developed together with our corporate partners. The bbw Institution really helps to deal with the actual capabilities shortage by way of a personalize-produced classes available.

Additional information.

Time unit.

Prohibit Studies: A 3-30 days change between reports on the bbw University and practice within the provider. The double examine within the College or university BBW is seen as an ideal connection between theory and practice. The verified stop examine students can put their procured theoretical know-how directly inside the firm and acquaint on their own having its peculiarities. This program includes 6 semesters, it sets out during the cold seasons semester.

Problems for cooperative businesses.


The essentials of cooperation within the two reports are regulated in between businesses and bbw university in a very cooperation arrangement. The company comes with a education contract along with the individuals. Here, the firms are usually in theory that need considering liberated to select their learners is definitely that pupils have the essential university entry have. A model for that cohesiveness deal and also the instruction plan, we be glad to present on get.


The expense of an undergrad college degree in the Institution bbw totaled 16,920 euro. These prices are also included in the business / exercising firm including one by one be predetermined coaching allowance.

Admission requirements for pupils.

School or technical higher education or perhaps a finalized instruction and also at the very least three years working experience education contract that has a partner business.

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